spider kingdom

by spenser colmbs

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written/recorded june/july 2016

all songs recorded somewhere in my house except Sandwich Shop which was recorded by Tim Jordan at Big Momma's Warehouse

thanks to those who sparked my interest in doing this & kept it moving forward.

thank you matt j. thank you hannah r. thank you hannah j. thank you tim j. thank you bree h. thank you chris c. thank you ryan j. thank you josh m. thank you madison and katherine m.

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released September 6, 2016



all rights reserved


spenser colmbs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cool Subaru
"The wind" Who sang.
The night Who called the forest green.
Who wasn't talking to me.
The blacktop ate from the skin of your knees.

We could sing The Clash
or ditch a call from the chorus light.
Watch our friends get into a fight
before we call it a night.

I'd find out what I need to be the man
who's in the Subaru
parked behind me looking cool.
Track Name: Crispy Goats (Independence Day)
Crisp, full wine of my own design
left me laid out on the floor.
When you found me there
- braids woven through your hair -
I thought I was still asleep.

Before a clock comes around
birds start chirping on power lines
and I know I'm still alive.
Track Name: Nine Dollars
I've got $9 left on a credit card
Track Name: Honesty, Destroyer of Monogamy
a haiku

hey hardware store girl
your poison din't work for me
i still have roaches

-EH (my roomie)
Track Name: Two Drunk Boys
Two Drunk Boys in a hot apartment
Two Drunk Boys in an apartment

it's too fucking hot
Track Name: Wicca Phase (Day 8)
i'm coming to you
i wanna tell you how pretty the things that you do


when i'm walking away
got nice for my skin
ice ice baby
hiding the flame.
Track Name: How A Mouse Could
I sit back, relax behind the stove.
Think of the things I'd do if you weren't home.

I don't wanna look up to see you.
Track Name: Highway Life
Riding on the highway
thinking about, say, my life.
A large truck passes on the left.
I see high-beams in my rear view mirror
I don't think we should all be happy to be born.
Track Name: Sandwich Shop (prod. Tim Jordan)
I saw your door kicked down
Watched your friend walk in
Later his mom, on the phone, cried
"He's been off his medicine"

He walked around and fell asleep.
I was pissed he didn't mention me.

In various clips and phrases that grow to stick and bind
at the walls of your mind-
you can call on then another time.

But then becomes familiar
I can smell the garden near your house
where you lived without a doorknob
or buttons on your pants

If you could get me high
if you could be on top
then I could save the world from a sandwich shop.
Track Name: You Don't Own This
I did this
I did that
I did a bunch of things.
Working on becoming less self-serving
Track Name: The Garden Awake
Who wasn't inside but, actually, floating through space.

I thought he was awake?

Only a window away.
Track Name: Just Eggs (feat. @Chris Cordaro)
You want just eggs?
Just eggs and homefries?
Track Name: I'm The Pole (feat. Katherine + Madison Marquer)
Say the cards that you play.
I'm fine.
Liquor and wine.
Say the voice that you see.
I'll be the taste
I'm the shine

Grotesque the way I am only me
Who do you want to be?

You can even taste the bullshit
you can even taste the front line
you can even see the forest in the bees

scrap the chorus, honest, jerking
before it falls out, pouring

I'm the pole.
Track Name: Gas + Cigarettes
I know what I want! It's gas and cigarettes! I know what to do with gas and cigarettes.
Track Name: Body Did A Dumb
i met you on the corner down the block from my house
outside it starts to drizzle so I invite you in for a drink
and it's cool 'cause i've known you such a long time

you stayed for 48 hours. we ate fried rice and (baby) bok choy
but when i think we're just getting started's when you ride away on your bike.

but it's cool. i've known you such a long time. it's just my body did a dumb thing.
Track Name: Philadelphia Drive (feat. @1chillboy)
I feel good
I feel even
I feel like I should be singing
Driving in Philadelphia
Got some time on my hands
I feel neat
In the street
Got that tap-tap in my feet
and I'm never going home.
Track Name: The Garden Cave
They put a cover on the cave.
Well, no one's gone in a long time.
Leaves outside around the grounds, fallen.
Better, lately.

Ricky's truck was small enough to fit around the back
unloading cooler, cold soda, cigarettes.
Back on the tree I saw the whole thing
better, lately.

We had to laugh about the people with the warm bodies -
the kind who fussed on and coughed when they sat -
when all around we'd mistaken the cold water for something better.

Hear me? I'm coming up the stairs now.
Track Name: Save The World (Day 2)
Christian got me thinking
but it wasn't enough.
He left one in the front as a courtesy.

Into the mountain - an unrelented drive.
A 4 x 4 run on drug money.

We chased the sun
It came down on everyone
but then I saved the world.
Track Name: What Do You Wanna Do Tonight
Take another swig of gin
Put a cigarette in your mouth
Pull the smoke back past your teeth
Let's get something to eat ;)
Track Name: Undersea Me
A heart for 100 degrees beats longer at 70
Travel under seas with me
I can make you better.

gosh so embarrassed by how out. of. tune. that guitar is
Track Name: Two Parties
I see you
And me too.

There's two!
Track Name: The Garden Clothes
You were feeling funny the night you forgot your hat.
I'm never gonna meet anyone else that way.
Later, in the garden, we took off all our clothes.
Now everybody knows.